Updated Chapter Index: In Loving Memory of Our Bards and Their Legacy

On the passing of Susanne M. Beck (Sword’n’Quil) this week, I needed to make some changes to the chapter and contributor list. Sue was going to be writing two chapters. I took over one chapter about the Subtext Virtual Season. My thoughts went to the legacy Sue left behind with her brilliant work and then all the other bards that have left us.

I’ve added the following chapter to pay tribute to the legacy these writers left after their passing

Chapter: Our Fallen Bards And Their Extraordinary Legacy by MaryD

* Nene Adams
* Susanne M. Beck (SwordnQuill / Blade)
* Baermer
* LJ Maas
* Tonya Muir
* Rebekah

The full list of chapters and who will be writing them can be found here

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Book Details Released

At the recent Xenite Retreat, Xenites got their first look at the upcoming Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World book set – a three volume set – which will be released on September 04, 2020 – Xena’s 25th Anniversary.

I’m pleased to announce that the official site for the book has now been updated with information from the guide. If you were at the Sunday panel I conducted at the Retreat, you will have received a full colour 16 page booklet, including artwork created by Arkie Ring and Linda “Calli” Callahan which were exclusive to the booklet. I will be posting the artwork to the site in addition to all the other images.

The official site can be found on http://xena25years.ausxip.com

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