Starship Foundation / Starship Children’s Health

The Starship Foundation has been chosen to receive all monies raised for Annual AUSXIP Charity Auction. Starship was chosen in 2006 when the first AUSXIP Charity Auction was held because Lucy Lawless is on the board of the Foundation and also a passionate advocate for the organisation for many years. The Starship Foundation is also AUSXIP Chosen charity and the reason AUSXIP Charity Auction was created for; to raise money for the foundation to help children.

In the past 10 years since the first AUSXIP Charity Auction was held in December 2006 to celebrate AUSXIP’s 10th Birthday, Starship has been an ENORMOUS help in making the process as easy as possible. It’s impossible to put into words how much their partnership with AUSXIP has helped in the organisation and outcomes with these auctions.

Starship Hospital provides leading health care to nearly 150,000 children each year from around New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

But in addition to government funding they need your help to raise more than $5 million annually to keep the hospital at the forefront of paediatric care.

As a charitable organisation, Starship Foundation exists through the generosity of those who lovingly donate money and/or time to assist in making Starship a world-class medical facility.

For more information about Starship and the work they do, please visit their site.

100% of the money raised in this auction will go to Starship.