Due to the significant problems we encountered with Paypal and then check donations for Renee’s charity monies in the 2010 and 2011 AUSXIP Charity Auctions, we attempted to find a better solution. We approached two charities that were close to Renee’s heart and tried to get an arrangement in place where the money would be paid directly to the charity, as we do with the Starship Foundation. Unfortunately after months of work, we couldn’t get that arrangement to work.

The original idea for the auction was to remove us from the money side and just concentrate on the organisation and follow through in shipping. We didn’t want to deal with the money side but wanting the charity involved to receive 100% of the money. Paypal doesn’t offer this for us and thus we reluctantly couldn’t go forward with this idea.

It was a difficult decision to make but we wanted to streamline the process as much as possible. Please be assured that Renee O’Connor items will always feature in the AUSXIP Charity Auctions and that all money raised will go to the Starship Foundation.