Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World News

How Xena: Warrior Princess Changed Lives and Inspired Generations

Publication Date: September 04, 2020  |   (C) 2018 MaryD / AUSXIP Publishing


Submitted Artwork Gallery Added

I’ve added the final submissions for the Art Competition. The art will remain online no matter which art is chosen for the print/ebook.

Xena: Their Courage Changed Our World Book Trailer

I’m heading to the Xenite Retreat and I have quite a few surprises for those who will attend my panel about How Xena Changed Your Life which of course is what the upcoming Xena: Their Courage...

Xena Video Submissions Update!

Video Submissions are now all caught up thanks to Lori Boyles who is taking care of the video section! You can submit your video to be included on the site  Wind Beneath My Wings – Xena &...