September 2017

30 September 2017

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome

Renee O’Connor / A Question of Faith Movie

Renee attended the premiere of her new movie “A Question of Faith” – check out the videos and pics





29 September 2017

SPECTACULAR PREMIERE OF PLEASUREDOME! It looks like Pleasuredome got off to an awesome start with the premiere of the show in Auckland last night. There will be a ton of photos / reports coming through so hop on facebook and twitter to catch them #mypleasuredome and @PleasuredomeNZ



28 September 2017

It’s Pleasuredome World Premiere day! To the incredible Lucy Lawless and the cast – BREAK A LEG!!!! To Rob Tapert and his awesome team – YOU HAVE CREATED MAGIC! Can’t wait to see this show!

Ooh check this out! AWESOME pics and article about the show 

This is the money shot!

Here’s some awesome pics from the Gay Express Magazine NZ


27 September 2017

The countdown is on for PLEASUREDOME! Tonight is the last preview for Pleasuredome before the world premiere TOMORROW. Tickets are still available for the preview (just a few).

Xenites are flying in from all corners for Pleasuredome with Lucy as Sappho. It’s going to be AWESOME. I can’t wait to see this and I will have a full report / review (minus spoilers) for you once I do! Need to remember to pack my cork heals, a multicolored jacket AND boofy up my hair (that should give me a few extra inches in height!)

Photos / Video of Pleasuredome
(Yes that is big bright red because we all know how much Xenites love to take pics and video…)

You are welcome to take/share pics from NYC street, but no pics or video from inside Pleasuredome

Some useful info…

MaryD’s Fiction – Zoe’s Journal



26 September 2017

I watched Star Trek: Discovery last night. Got excited because of Michelle Yeoh as the Captain BUT it didn’t inspire me. It didn’t pull me in, the science officer drove me nuts, the first officer was far too reckless. It didn’t ignite my Trekkie heart. A shame.

Lucy Lawless



25 September 2017

AUSXIP Site News


Cool Interesting News


24 September 2017



The previews are close to being sold out and there a few seats left for Tues/Wed. So if you want to go to the previews, go and grab them!  Tickets here:

23 September 2017

The Marriage Equality vote/survey is currently underway in Australia. We are getting so much support from our overseas friends. Here’s one more from the awesome Sara Luysterborg!

This vote is SO important for the LGBTQI community in Australia. We must get this YES Vote up – or we won’t have marriage equality for quite some time and that is just so stupid in the 21st Century.

If you are an Aussie and haven’t sent in your form to the ABS yet, PLEASE TICK YES AND MAIL IT!

Okay and now to today’s update!

Pleasuredome NZ Update

The previews for this weekend are sold out and there are some Tuesday / Wednesday seats available. The World Premiere of the show is on 28 September and that is SOLD OUT. So…if you want to go to the previews, grab the few remaining seats or else book from 29 September to November 5. Tickets can be found here

Check out some of the videos of Behind The Scenes & Articles

Lucy Lawless

Renee O’Connor

Zoe’s Journal – MaryD’s Fictional Blog


Wonder Woman


22 September 2017


To Rob, Lucy and the rest of the cast/production crew – BOOGIE ON!!!

Rob Tapert’s 40 year dream is going to be coming true TONIGHT in Auckland with the Pleasuredome Musical preview #1!

WORLD premiere is on 28 September (sold out)! It’s going to be EPIC with Lucy as Sappho and 80’s music –

Tickets here:


21 September 2017

Pleasuredome Musical Update

Rob Tapert’s 40 year dream is going to be coming true starting TOMORROW. The previews are starting tomorrow and the WORLD premiere is on 28 September (sold out)! It’s going to be EPIC with Lucy as Sappho and 80’s music – damn I’m going to relive my 20’s and a nightclubs I never visited. Better late than never, right? LOL!

Tickets here:

I will have a full hotel list and Xena related sights for Xenites flying in for the show up shortly. It’s a similar list to what I did for Lucy’s Pleasuredome concert in 2012. It will cater for all budgets and links to hotels etc. Stay tuned!




Xena Art



20 September 2017

Zoe’s Journal – Fictional Blog

Xena FanFic

Wonder Woman


19 September 2017

There is a fantastic audio interview with Rob Tapert on the show called Business is Boring on The Spinoff. I love listening to creative people talking about their passion and you can hear Rob’s passion about what he does and how excited he is about it all. Have a listen. He talks about Xena, Spartacus, Evil Dead and now Pleasuredome. Rob had this idea of Pleasuredome for 40 years and it’s finally happening. Just goes to show if you have a dream, never give up on it.


16 September 2017

MaryD’s Fiction

MaryD Art

Rob Tapert / Pleasuredome


Wonder Woman


15 September 2017


I don’t use AUSXIP for political purposes (although I have been tempted in the past, I have avoided it) but this time actions speak louder than words and it’s time for AUSXIP to jump into the fray. Australia has finally decided to join the rest of the world in allowing LGBTQI couples to marry (well we are holding a postal vote to determine if the law will be changed). The postal vote is currently underway until November 7.

I did some tinkering with some graphics and Xena & Gabrielle have jumped into the battle. Australian Xenites I urge you to Vote YES when you get the Marriage Equality form from the ABS in the post. You should be getting yours soon. I was fortunate to receive mine early and I have already voted YES.

If you want to use the following banners, PLEASE take them, use them, spread them…but more importantly, get Aussies to vote YES (ask them politely).

Vote Yes for Marriage Equality – please take banner and spread the word! Right click for larger version


Vote Yes for Marriage Equality – please take banner and spread the word! Right click for larger version


Vote Yes for Marriage Equality – please take banner and spread the word! Right click for larger version


14 September 2017

AUSXIP Charity Auction Site Update

Apparently while I was tinkering around the site, I inadvertently selected the “Stores” section to be turned on. This triggered emails to be sent to everyone registered asking if they wanted their subscription to continue. My apologies. Please disregard those emails from my account. That feature has now been turned off.


13 September 2017

I have been working behind the scenes on AUSXIP which means things are being moved about, cleaned out or redirected to their new homes. There shouldn’t be any disruption but in the event I have forgotten to redirect files, please contact me and let me know. Spring cleaning AUSXIP is an adventure.

MaryD Blog

Lucy Lawless

Renee O’Connor




11 September 2017

Today in History…

We lost 3000+ souls during 9/11 – they say that when people die they become stars in the night sky…there were a lot of stars on 9/11… Lucia Nobrega did this in tribute to the many that were lost on 9/11.


We lost Andy Whitfield on this day in 2011 – the original Spartacus for Rob Tapert’s awesome Spartacus series. Andy was one of the nicest humans I have ever met. He was humble, sweet, generous and kind. I simply adored him. A true gentleman and a gifted actor.


and on happier remembrences…

Melissa Good is celebrating a birthday today! Happy Birthday Missy! 

Today’s Update

MaryD’s Blog

Lucy Lawless

10 September 2017

It’s going to be an uneasy few days in Florida with Hurricane Irma making her unwelcome presence. To everyone in the path, may you keep safe – we are all thinking of you!

MaryD’s Blog

Lucy Lawless



09 September 2017

Xena Warrior Princess

Lucy Lawless / Pleasuredome

Renee O’Connor



08 September 2017

MaryD’s Art

Xena Warrior Princess



07 September 2017


Hurricane Irma Update

To everyone in the path of Irma, we are thinking of you, stay safe. This looks to be a monster.

AUSXIP’s server is in Florida so if we go down, we go down (my server host doesn’t anticipate any downtime but in the event we do, we do) What’s most important right now is everyone’s safety. Irma has already cost the lives of three people in the Caribbean Islands. It’s carrying winds of 185 miles an hour (297 km). MONSTER. STAY SAFE.


04 September 2017


Because of them…we are here.

Their Courage Changed Our World….Bloody hell what a tv show that can change lives of EVERYONE associated with it and watched it. Happy Birthday Xena!

Xena gave me mad IT skills, improved the way I created my art, changed my life, gave me so many friends from ALL over the world…damn not bad for campy, sometimes serious, sometime hysterically funny show.

Not bad at all

03 September 2017

Convention News

Adrienne Wilkinson

Renee O’Connor


02 September 2017


It was a rather awesome day today!  Two of my books were awarded some love. What a great way to start my birthday month! You can also download my September Freebie: Nor The Battle To The Strong for the next 2 days on Amazon for FREE.

Book 5: No Good Deed has been awarded Bronze in the 2017 Readers Favorite Awards for Romance / Historical genre

Book 6: Nor The Battle To The Strong is a semi-finalist in the Mystery/Suspense genre in the 2017 Kindle Book Review Awards


01 September 2017


First order of business is to wish Adrfenne Wilkinson a very happy birthday!


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